Andy Strucker
Andy Strucker
Andy Strucker
Vital statistics
Position Mutant Freedom Fighter
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Andrew "Andy" Strucker (Born 2002) was a Mutant who inherited energy-based powers from the Fenris twins Andrea and Andreas von Strucker. He is the son of Caitlin and Reed Strucker and the younger brother of Lauren Strucker. The day he first discovered his powers changed not just his life, but the lives of his whole family as well. He, his sister Lauren, and their parents went on the run from the authorities after Andy’s powers manifested while he was being bullied at high school. Initially Andy wanted to be a member of the Mutant Underground, but he shifted his allegiance to the Hellfire Club and the Inner Circle as he desires to claim the legacy left behind by his great-grandfather and great-aunt.

Powers and Abilities

  • Molecular Manipulation: Andy possess the ability to manipulate matter on a molecular level.
    • Ballistic Telekinesis: The opposite of his sister, who pushes molecules together to create shields and constructs, Andy has the power to pull molecules and matter apart from each other. He can do it on a physical level such as push people and objects away from him such as when he threw armed SWAT officers away from him as well as Chloe Tan back against some bars. He can also achieve this effect on a molecular level to rip things apart or tear them to pieces, as seen with metal parking meters and walls. Further proof of this ability was demonstrated when he tore apart Sentinels with ease and nearly brought down a school gymnasium. However, his powers were not precise and was done in a radius-like field. Now, six months later, he has more control of his powers as he can focus it on certain objects and/or people without damaging anything in the surrounding area. This is seen when he destroyed a golf ball and when he attacked a guard with precision. He has also grown much stronger as he can destroy walls with less concentration than before and can also cause earthquakes. This is a destructive and chaotic power in its own right, but when fueled by his emotions, it is a force to be reckoned with. Because Andy lacks the ability to use his powers in more controlled manners (i.e. causing objects to levitate, maneuvering single objects along complex paths, create force fields, etc.) he is not considered to have the full gift of telekinesis, but rather the violent/destructive portion of the power.
      • Molecular Dispersal: This ability allows you to speed up the molecules in an object to the point of an explosion. This ability was shown in afterMath, when Andy showed Rebecca his power by blowing up the tennis ball he was playing with.
      • Limitations: Previously Andy's power did not work against Lauren's. Because she's pushing molecules together and he's pulling them apart (at equal force), they canceled each other out, as seen in eXtraction. When this previously occured, a blast of energy was released, strong enough to launch both Andy and Lauren back several feet, because it was equal force, but as seen in afterMath Andy's power was far greater than Lauren's, because he has been training with the Hellfire Club, her power had almost no affect on him and he was easily able to overpower her, breaking right through her shield, thrusting her backwards and knocking her unconscious, and having virtually no affect on himself. However, Lauren's powers have recently begun developing at an accelerated rate since she has begun training and studying extensively. When Andy was confronted by Lauren, she threw him across the Inner Circle training room with a simple swipe of her hand.
  • Fenris Force: A powerful force of incredible strength. If Lauren and Andy hold hands, they are capable of producing an incredibly strong and destructive luminous force. According to Lauren and Andy themselves, they become a single collective entity. They feel everything around them, especially when inside buildings. They combine Andy's power to push things apart and Lauren's power to pull them together and produce a force they describe as being able “to do anything [they] want.” Whatever they feel, they can destroy. They were able to unleash enough energy to create a large dent in a room made of the supposedly indestructible metal adamantium. When used in the confines of a building of any other material, the building is said to essentially vaporize. The effect of this force, when used in an outdoor environment, as such shown in oMens can vaporize an entire building, leaving behind only its infrastructure. It has been mentioned that Lauren has two copies of the X gene which is what allows her to access the Fenris Force, so it would stand to reason that the same could be said for Andy.
    • Limitations: While powerful, the Fernis Force takes time to unleash. During the preparation for utilizing the force, the users are completely vulnerable to attack. This is demonstrated when the Von Strucker twins were cornered and attempted to use the Fernis Force to wipe out their enemies when they were pinned down by gunfire but the attempt failed because Andrea was shot in the chest and died shortly afterwards. This same weakness applies to the current holders of the Fernis Force i.e. Andy and Lauren.
  • Psychic Connection: Andy has a psychic connection with his sister Lauren, through this connection they have shared dreams. More over, Andy has felt Lauren's physical pain on at least one occasion, when he felt the sting of a needle in his left arm at the same time that Lauren had blood samples taken from her. Their mental connection extends to the use of the Fenris Force as Lauren describes becoming one with Andy when they used this powers previously. Access to this connection is not restricted to the two of them as powerful telepaths, like The Frost Sisters, are able to enter and manipulate the shared world that Andy and Lauren's mind create. Especially when said telepaths are granted access by one of the twins.
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