Bi beast

Bi-Beast was an android designed by the Inhumans on a island away from Attilan. Bi-Beast was designed to be a guardian but before he could be tested was abandoned along with the rest of the island. He was discovered by humans of modern day and awakened he then saw fit to protect the city, until he activated the self destruct in order to permanently protect it.

Parts of him survived and were retrieved by HYDRA. The new Bi-Beast was designed to serve them.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • The Bi-Beast is a highly advanced android that rivals the Hulk in terms of strength, is tireless and feels no pain. The Bi-Beast also possesses an extensive knowledge of Inhuman warfare and culture, but no knowledge of science. The dissemination of this information to two minds, however, proves to be a handicaps as the heads often argue with one another.