Chemistro 2

Chemistro - by Jon McCoy

While working as a chemist for Advanced Idea Mechanics, Curtis Carr created an "alchemy gun" capable of transmuting matter from one form to another by an unknown process (wood to glass, etc.). On the suggestion of his superior officer, George Tarleton, Curtis adopted the persona of Chemistro to serve as one of AIM's super-criminal agents, receiving a specialized dose of Extremis to augment the chemical properties of his alchemy gun.

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Chemistro's alchemy gun, as well as his wrist blasters, are capable of transmuting any material into any other form of matter. The devices are cybernetically linked to the user, enabling him to work any transformation he can imagine. The transformed material usually turns to dust after exposure to heat or after a certain amount of time. Therefore his alchemy gun cannot be used merely to transmute substances, such as turning lead or rock into gold.