Basil Sandhurst was a AIM scientist who was an expert in exoskeleton technology. He later created his own and designed tech that could be used to control individuals minds. These acts led him to become the Controller.

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The Controller possesses a stainless steel exoskeleton body armor that has been micro-surgically attached to his body. The armor is covered with micro-circuited power converters designed to receive cerebral energies and convert it into physical strength, up to superhuman levels. At the full limits of his absorption, the Controller has even exhibited powers of levitation and the ability to project bolts of pure force from his mind.

He receives such mental energy from "slave discs" which he places on his victims. The discs formerly needed the medium of the Mental-Wave Absorbatron, but later, with the help of Titanian technology, the discs could broadcast energy directly to his exoskeleton as well as allow him a direct mental link to communicate telepathically with each victim, one person at a time.