The Department of Occult Armaments

The Department of Occult Armaments, simply known as the D.O.A., is a terrorist organization created to study supernatural, mystical, or magical phenomena which generally fall outside the scope of science. Originally a subsection of HYDRA, the D.O.A. became independent after HYDRA fell, recruiting former members into its ranks and seizing control of remaining assets. The primary objective of the D.O.A. is to harness and use the power of the occult to enhance soldiers, develop weapons, and build an army in their pursuit of world domination. To conceal their true agenda, in the eyes of the public the organization is known as the Department of Occult Affairs, and operates as part of the United States government. Sinthea Schmidt, daughter of Johann Schmidt, leads the D.O.A. in the guise of Erica Holstein. Like HYDRA and her father before her, Sinthea and the D.O.A. pursue mythological artifacts and beings they theorize to be more than myth.

In their attempt to create enhanced soldiers, the D.O.A. experimented with DNA from monstrous creatures such as Vampires. One result from these experiments was a subject that savagely slaughtered all personnel present at the facility. After General Hale's HYDRA faction was defeated, the D.O.A. continued her faction's work on the Sleepers, improving their design and utilizing the robots as D.O.A. troopers.


Origins and Purpose

DOA has attempted to create an array of soldiers via various prototype experiments as taught by their original leader Hive involving such means as biologically-enhanced, cybernetically-enhanced, gamma-enhanced, and mystically-enhanced.

Sins of the Future

While operating as the head of the DOA, Sinthea authorized new experiments to be focused on the Inhumans. In addition, she had a hand in the creation of Ultimo.



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