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A drug addict named "Freak" was chased down by Spider-Man after he attempted to steal from the poor at the soup kitchen Spider-Man's Aunt May works at. He stumbles into a off site laboratory owned by Oscorp and injected himself with animal gene fluids, thinking they were crystal meth.

Freak then began to form a chrysalis around his body, emerging as a skinless monster. After being shot at by the police, he fell into the sewer and forms another chrysalis. Emerging as an animal hybrid, and completely bulletproof, Freak then became a super villain.

Norman Osborn later trapped Freak using crystal meth and recruited him into the Sinister Six.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ability to spontaneously come back to life mutated into something capable of surviving whatever danger had killed him, in the form of an accelerated healing factor. He also has Hulk-like bulletproof durability and strength, acidic saliva, can shoot toxic spores from his body at will, and he can adapt to certain harsh environments.