Grey Gargoyle
Vital statistics
Position Enhanced Criminal
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.80 Meters
Weight 340 Kilograms

Paul Pierre Duval, later known as the Grey Gargoyle, was a young chemist from France who studied the Terrigen Crystals and their effect on humans while under the employ of SHIELD. Duval experimented with the crystals and the Diviner to see if he could create a formula that could protect humans from any harmful effects. When he submitted his findings and made the request that his serum be tested it was denied on the grounds that it was too soon to risk endangering human lives. With the request rejected by SHIELD, Duval chose to use himself as a test subject, testing his serum on himself and making physical contact with the Diviner mineral. Though the serum appeared to work in the beginning, Paul Duval's body was soon entirely turned to stone, and yet the serum effects did somehow keep him alive and granted him the ability of motion. Paul's formula also allowed him to obtain the Diviner's ability of turning living organisms to stone. After his transformation, Paul went rogue and then began his criminal career as Grey Gargoyle, naming himself after the stone carvings atop the cathedrals of France.

Powers and Abilities

Stone Form: As a result of combining an experimental serum and the Terrigen Diviner metal, Duval became Grey Gargoyle and acquired several abilities. After transforming, his strength was increased to superhuman levels, and in addition, Duval's stone body became highly resistant to physical injuries. At his peak, he is capable of lifting about a dozen tons. Paul's stone body is capable of withstanding high caliber bullets, exposure to temperature and extreme pressure, powerful energy blasts, and falls from great heights without sustaining serious injuries.

Petrification: After absorbing the effects of the Diviner, Duval gained the ability to turn any organic individual and substance into stone instantaneously and permanently by touching them.

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