Dinesh Deol was an Indian engineer. After being affected by the Terrigen Mist cloud resulting from the Terrigen Bomb due to his Inhuman heritage, Dinesh developed the ability to see and psionically control the electromagnetic spectrum.

Powers and Abilities Edit


Magnetokinesis: Dinesh possesses the ability to visually see the electromagnetic spectrum to an unknown degree, but far greater than what is visible to an ordinary human or Inhuman. He is able to psionically control waves of the spectrum and render them tangible to certain effects. For example, using this ability he was able to instinctively, with no training, easily lift an automobile.[1]

  • Computer Interaction: Through his powers Deol can mentally interact with and intuitively understand the innate workings cybernetics and information, like when he battled Stark's A.I., Friday.[2]
  • Electromagnetic Vision[1]
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Emission: Deol can emit a burst of electro magnetic spectrum energy which can knock out most electronics.[3]
  • Channeling Conduit: As his namesake suggests, Grid can act as a channeling device to siphon and redirect energy from. He once used this effect to take his home town of Mumbai and a couple of the other neighboring cities nearby to supply them with free energy.

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