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HYDRA is an authoritarian criminal-terrorist-military religious cult founded in ancient times by worshipers of ancient Inhumans whom they viewed as gods. It has taken many forms over the centuries one in particular rising during the reign of the Nazi Party, in which the brutal Red Skull re-branded the group HYDRA and incorporated itself into the Nazi government as a division for both deep science and the investigation of the occult. During the second world war, it operated as a branch of Nazi-Germany that developed advanced weapons to be used for the Nazis, however soon after acquiring the Space Stone Doctor Arnim Zola began to develop outlandish designs of robotic power armor, massive vehicles and energy weapons and armor could find a functional use thanks to the cube's power, and with the most advanced technology in the World, HYDRA could begin to plan their own conquest, a conquest that would involve Berlin as being one of HYDRA's targets. HYDRA's goals would be challenged by America's own super-soldier, Captain America, who alongside his friend Bucky and the Howling Commandos was able to begin a massive assault on HYDRA forces across Europe, destroying numerous bases and capturing many key HYDRA personnel such as Zola himself.

When HYDRA scientists were recruited by America as part of their efforts to use their weapons genius, they were able to subtly subvert SHIELD from the inside as it grew, manipulating gathered intelligence and recruiting various key operatives to be loyal to HYDRA's ideology. While SHIELD would publicly serve as a peacekeeping force, its HYDRA cells also carried their secondary goal of creating a world so chaotic that the populace would sacrifice their freedom for security that, thereby handing control over to HYDRA. HYDRA became a great secret power conducting clandestine operations during the Cold War from the 60s until the 80s, engineering events in the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Iranian Revolution, and so many more. However, SHIELD director Nick Fury discovered HYDRA's influence over the organization, and with the help of Captain AmericaBlack WidowFalcon and Maria Hill, managed to scuttle their plans and destroy Project Insight before any innocent life was lost. Though HYDRA had been dealt a blow to their cause, it was only a temporary setback for the organization, as SHIELD was destroyed and many agents loyal to HYDRA continued with their work.

In the course of a year, a war would take place between HYDRA and enemies such as the remnants of SHIELD and the Avengers. This campaign would end disastrously for HYDRA, with many leaders such as Daniel Whitehall and Baron Strucker dying at the hands of their enemies and their HYDRA cells left defunct. Though despite the deaths of its highest leaders and the destruction of most of their facilities, HYDRA still remained active with leaders being Grant Ward, Gideon Malick, and unknown to most the returned Red Skull alongside his own daughter Sinthea and a reactivated Arnim Zola. While the Red Skull kept his faction deeply hidden from prying eyes, Grand Ward and Gideon Malick sought to rebuild HYDRA and achieve its long forgotten true purpose of returning their god Alveus to Earth so that he may rule the planet and forge a New Order. Ward's body would become the host for Hive, who slowly began his plans of taking global control with the aid of Malick's cell, which ended in Malick's death and Hive ultimately leaving many HYDRA operatives to perish. But even after the death of their "god", the Red Skull's cell remains the strongest cell active on Earth, and HYDRA continues to plan their next move toward world domination.

HYDRA Membership

Brotherhood of the Spear

In ancient times, the Inhuman Hive inspired a cult of followers to form the Brotherhood of the Spear, a society dedicated to serving and enforcing the will of Hive. After Hive was exiled to the planet Maveth, the society was determined to bring him back to Earth to commence a planetary takeover. Throughout the course of history, the Brotherhood of the Spear evolved, taking many shapes, being called by many names. Eventually, the society would begin a sacrificial offering ritual where one of their own would be sent through a portal in the hopes that they would save or serve their leader on the other side.


With the rise of Nazism in Germany, the ancient society integrated itself into the German government as a Nazi division for both deep science and the investigation of the occult. During this time, the organization was under the leadership of Johann Schmidt, and the society took on the name HYDRA. HYDRA was named after the mythological creature and used the phrase "cut off one head, two more will take its place". Due to the scientific contributions of Arnim Zola, HYDRA developed several extremely advanced weapons, vehicles, and exo-skeleton battle suits. During World War II, Schmidt separated HYDRA from Nazi Germany to pursue his own plans of world domination, and it was during or before this time when HYDRA seemingly abandoned the original beliefs of the ancient society. Converting from occultism, to draconian anti-freedom principles, HYDRA became an organization with a hell-bent nature that is dedicated to this newfound political doctrine.

HYDRA (Modern)

Though HYDRA was defeated by the Allies during World War II, the organization was secretly rebuilt inside SHIELD by Arnim Zola, who was recruited into the agency during Operation Paperclip. In the following decades, HYDRA would spread chaos to further its agenda by orchestrating crises, and establish a global network of operatives engaged in political manipulation and scientific research. The newest members of the modern organization were recruited from within SHIELD, or the children of established members were indoctrinated from childhood in HYDRA training facilities. By the end of the 20th Century, HYDRA had managed to spread and infiltrate many important organizations, eventually establishing many secret bases around the world. HYDRA's ultimate goal was to establish a new world order by overthrowing the world governments in order to establish a fascist, totalitarian global state.


Von Strucker's Cell

Name Position Status
Wolfgang von Strucker High-Ranking Member, Branch Leader Deceased
List High-Ranking Member, Scientist Deceased
Pietro Maximoff Test Subject and Operative Deceased, Defected
Wanda Maximoff Test Subject and Operative Alive, Defected
Paula Operative Alive
Carmine Operative Alive

Whitehall's Cell

Name Position Status
Daniel Whitehall High-Ranking Member, Branch Leader Deceased
Sunil Bakshi High-Ranking Member Deceased
Marcus Scarlotti Soldier Alive, Imprisoned
Agent 33 Brainwashed Operative Deceased
Grant Ward High-Ranking Operative Deceased, Defected
Lingenfelter Scientist Alive
Kenneth Turgeon Scientist Alive
Jemma Simmons Scientist (infiltrator) Alive, Defected
Carl Creel Brainwashed Assassin Deceased, Defected
Donnie Gill Brainwashed Operative Unknown
Bobbi Morse Security (infiltrator) Alive, Defected
Julien Beckers Politician In Custody
Toshiro Mori Engineer Deceased
Theo Security Alive

Malick's Cell

Name Position Status
Hive Idol, Leader Deceased
Gideon Malick High-Ranking Member, World Security Council Member, Branch Leader Deceased
Nathaniel Malick Operative Deceased
Kirk Vogel High-Ranking Member, Inner Circle Member Deceased
Stephanie Malick Operative Deceased
Giyera Operative Deceased
Lucio Brainwashed Operative Deceased
Turkish Old Man Security Alive

Hale's Cell

Name Position Status
Hale High-Ranking Member, United States Armed Forces Officer, Leader Deceased
Ruby Hale Operative Deceased
Candice Lee Operative Alive
Carl Creel Operative Deceased, Defected
Anton Ivanov Coerced Operative Deceased
Werner von Strucker Operative Deceased
Glenn Talbot Brainwashed Operative Deceased, Defected

Schmit's Cell

Name Position Status
Johann Schmidt Leader Alive
Arnim Zola Scientist Deceased
Werner Reinhardt General Deceased
Lohmer Colonel Deceased
Kleiber Lieutenant Unknown
HYDRA Lieutenant Lieutenant Unknown
HYDRA Fortress Officer Lieutenant Unknown
HYDRA Officer Lieutenant Unknown
Velt Weapons Facility Manager Deceased
Vincent Beckers Scientist Deceased
Heinz Kruger Assassin Deceased
Wolfgang Brenner Operative Deceased

Ward's Cell

Name Position Status
Grant Ward High-Ranking Member, Director, Branch Leader Deceased
Kebo High-Ranking Member, Operative Deceased
Werner von Strucker Operative Deceased, Defected
Spud Recruiter Deceased
Tat Operative Ailve
Lance Hunter Recruit (Infiltrator) Alive, Defected

Round Table Cell

Name Position Status
Octavian Bloom High-Ranking Member, Branch Leader Deceased
Sheikh High-Ranking Member, Branch Leader Deceased
Baroness High-Ranking Member, Branch Leader Deceased
Banker High-Ranking Member, Branch Leader Deceased

Zola's Cell

Name Position Status
Alexander Pierce High-Ranking Member, World Security Council Member, Politician, S.H.I.E.L.D. Leader, Branch Leader Deceased
Arnim Zola High-Ranking Member, Scientist, Leader Deceased
Jasper Sitwell High-Ranking Officer Deceased
Brock Rumlow Operative Deceased
Jack Rollins Operative In Custody
Hauer Operative Alive
Russo Executive Officer Deceased
Mitchell Carson Businessman Alive
Mark Basso Operative Alive
Mark Smith Operative Alive
Lead HYDRA Agent Soldier Deceased

HYDRA Projects

Winter Soldier Project

Name Position Status
Vasily Karpov Program Leader Deceased
Bucky Barnes Assassin Alive, Defected
Josef Test Subject, Assassin Deceased
Super Soldier #2 Test Subject, Assassin Deceased
Super Soldier #3 Test Subject, Assassin Deceased
Super Soldier #4 Test Subject, Assassin Deceased
Super Soldier #5 Test Subject, Assassin Deceased

Project Centipede

Name Position Status
John Garrett Project Leader Deceased
Raina Recruiter Deceased
Grant Ward High Ranking Member Deceased
Edison Po Soldier Deceased
Brian Hayward Test Subject, Soldier Deceased
Centipede Soldier 2 Test Subject, Soldier In Custody
Centipede Soldier 3 Test Subject, Soldier In Custody
Ian Quinn Scientist Deceased
Debbie Doctor Deceased
Chan Ho Yin Test Subject Deceased
Akela Amador Coerced Agent Alive, Defected
Michael Peterson Coerced Agent Alive, Defected
Englishman Coerced Handler Deceased
Kaminsky Soldier Unknown
Ernesto Barber Alive

Rulers of HYDRA

Among many people throughout the ages, the Red Skull stands as the most infamous leader of HYDRA.

Cabal Council

"Gods"/Undying Ones/Legion Accursed:

Beings whom HYDRA has worshiped over the thousands of years it has existed and of whom have guided HYDRA to follow them into a new future.


Horseman of Apocalypse


WW2 Era and Their Legacies

Modern Era

High Placed Business Associates

HYDRA Operatives

HYDRA Troopers

HYDRA Soldiers

Sleeper Robots

The Sleeper Robots were a WWII HYDRA concept of designing robotic agents of destruction, an idea which had been inspired by the Norse tale of an Asgardian Destroyer. They were originally intended to serve the Nazi Party until HYDRA broke ties with the Third Reich, assumed control of the project, and pursued the concept of creating robotic troops. Unfortunately, because of Allied assaults on HYDRA facilities resulting in multiple bases destroyed, HYDRA scientists would not be able to complete work on the Sleepers, and due to their defeat during WWII, the program was forcibly halted for decades. After WWII, the Sleepers project would be revisited when HYDRA rebuilt itself in strength and number, and HYDRA continued to work on developing the robots. By the 21st Century, HYDRA’s work with the Sleepers had progressed to a stage where they came close to creating a new breed of robotic soldiers, and with the aid of LMD Superior, the Sleeper Robots were finally put to use as humanoid robotic shock troopers called HYDRA Sleeper Mechs. These troops would be utilized by General Hale’s HYDRA during their conflict against SHIELD, and though General Hale died, the Sleeper Robots would continue to be utilized by other HYDRA Cells.


The Dreadnoughts were a modern HYDRA concept of designing non-sentient humanoid robotic combat instruments for use in various commando operations, an idea which had been inspired by the WWII Sleeper Robots project. The creator of the Dreadnought project, HYDRA leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, tasked his scientists with developing the Dreadnoughts utilizing advanced human and alien technology. After researching Loki’s Scepter, Strucker’s scientists had begun experimenting with Artificial Intelligence, from which they designed very advanced robots as prototypes for the Dreadnought project. Unfortunately, because of the Avengers assault on the Sokovia HYDRA Research Base and the arrest of Baron Strucker, the project would be shut down until a time when HYDRA could move forward with developing the Dreadnoughts. After the fall of Baron Strucker’s HYDRA Cell, the prototype blueprints and designs were acquired by several criminal syndicates, who either sold them or attempted to reverse-engineer the designs. The Dreadnought project would later be completed with assistance from AIM, and multiple units would be built and deployed during a number of combat, infiltration, and assassination missions. 


Highly Skilled






Masters of Evil:

The Masters of Evil are a group of enhanced or highly skilled individuals that pose as a antithesis to the Avengers.

Highly Skilled:


Armor Users:

Pym Particles:



Super Soldier Serum:



Gamma Mutates:

Cosmic Enhanced:




Serpent Squad:

The Serpant Squad are a subgroup of Hydra consisting of snake themed villains.


Technological/Highly Skilled:

Wrecking Crew:

The Wrecking Crew are a group of super powered criminals.

Klaue's Mercenary Army

Fisks Emissaries:

A group of street based criminals under the employ of Kingpin also known as Kingpin's Gang.


Scourge of the Underworld

  • Scourge of the Underworld are a group of former Centipede Soldiers who were taken back into HYDRA custody. They were re-injected with the Centipede Serum and they were like Deathlok permanently stabilized, no longer needing injections. They were then applied with various cybernetic enhancements and became a programmable squad of cybernetic assassins under HYDRA's control.


  • The Doombots are robots created by Doctor Doom. Usually used in multiple numbers as armies for him. Since Doom is usually affilitated with HYDRA, he allows for his robots to be used in operations that are worth his time.

Business Branches


  • Originally Leviathan was a soviet organization working for Stalin, until the Soviet Union fell and Leviathan deteriorated. They did find fortune in finding an alliance with HYDRA during the period after WW2. Since that point in time Leviathan would be integrated into HYDRA's ranks. However there were still high believers of Leviathan, and so in the 21st century descendants of Leviathans original leaders restarted the organization but still had strong ties to HYDRA.

The Hand

  • The Hand is an ancient mystical order of assassins based in Japan. They are among Daredevil's greatest foes. They are also great allies of HYDRA and its affiliates. Even though the organization prefers to not be controlled or highly influenced by other organizations, the leader of the Hand Gorgon mantains a strong connection with HYDRA.


  • Ever since MODOK assumed control of AIM, he has mantained a partnership with fellow terrorist organization HYDRA in exchange for funds and world conquest. A few years later AIM and Oscorp Industries merged resources and became business partners.

Department of Occult Armaments

  • The Department of Occult Armaments is HYDRA's occult section that works to develop an army of Inhuman, Enhanced, or mystical soldiers to use in their growing forces, as taught by their original leader the Hive.

Cybertek Industries

  • Cybertek is one of HYDRA's technology businesses that deal with cybernetic implants and creating living weapons. Sine the revelation of Cybertek's involvement with HYDRA, AIM now seen as legitimate to the US government, seized control of Cybertrek's projects.


  • The Enclave is a small conglomerate of scientists with their own individual private armies who have dedicated themselves to using technology to create a benevolent world dictatorship under their combined rule with that of AIM and HYDRA's support.
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