Originally a normal Japanese macaque experimented on by HYDRA's Science Division, Hit-Monkey trained under the wings of Bullseye, the world's deadliest assassin. He had joined the Hand, S.H.I.E.L.D and other organizations over the years.

History Edit

Hit-Monkey lived in the mountainous wilderness of Japan as part of a clan of other macaques. Unfortunately, an assassin working for HYDRA stumbled upon the group of monkeys and massacred them all, with Hit-Monkey being the sole survivor of the attack. Hit-Monkey was captured and experimented on by HYDRA for years, training him into a perfect killer, until Winter 2014, where he escaped from HYDRA facilities after Captain America and his team foiled Project Insight. Hit-Monkey picked up a pistol and killed many HYDRA soldiers in the process of escaping. Hit-Monkey eventually came into contact with Bullseye and trained under him. He has joined the Hand, S.H.I.E.L.D., and many others since then.

Powers and Abilities Edit


  • Japanese Macaque: Hit-Monkey has no superhuman powers. However, he does possess the natural abilities associated with the Japanese macaque.
  • His abilities and intellect came from the experimentations that HYDRA performed on him.


  • Speculative existence: Due to his skills as a hitman and assassin leaving almost no witnesses and the fact that he is a macaque, his existence is considered too ridiculous to be true. This works for his advantage as few would willingly believe that a monkey is a credible threat.
  • Intelligence: Hit-Monkey has human or near-human intellect. He has been shown interacting with the world at large more like a human than a monkey.
  • Fighting Skills: Like a monkey, Hit-Monkey naturally has above human agility and flexibility. Having opposite digits on his feet allows him to grip and wield guns while using his hands.
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