Hydro-Man, also known as the Water Elemental or simply Water, is one of the Elementals created by Mysterio to wreak havoc across the world. The Elementals were based off of ancient myths and legends that told of superpowered entities that could manipulate the elements. It was speculated by BuzzFeed that the true identity of Hydro-Man was Morris Bench, a sailor who supposedly gained the ability to manipulate water after being inadvertently knocked overboard and exposed to an experimental underwater generator in conjunction with volcanic gasses.

Capabilities Edit

Water Manipulation: Hydro-Man was created as an illusion resembling a creature made of water. With the holographic system designed by Mysterio, Hydro-Man's appearance was utterly realistic, and with Stark Industries Combat Drones, Hydro-Man was able to cause real damage. As the Water Elemental, Hydro-Man possessed powerful water elemental abilities, being able to manipulate water in all its forms.

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