Inferno (Dante)
Dante, Inferno - By: Opus Artz
Vital statistics
Position Inhuman Secret Warrior
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.80 Meters
Weight 73 Kilograms
Dante Pertuz, nicknamed Inferno by his sister after becoming an Inhuman, was a musician living in Des Plaines, Illinois, who worked as a drummer while supporting his pregnant sister and his sick mother. During the Inhuman Outbreak epidemic which released Terrigen into the ecosystem, Dante was one of those who was exposed to the Terrigen and was transformed into an Inhuman. Dante, unknowingly of Inhuman descent, underwent Terrigenesis, as did his mother, his sister being spared due to not inheriting the I-Gene. Unfortunately, his mother died during the process. After his transformation he initially had no control over his new power and was then forced to go on the run, until he was found by SHIELD Agent Daisy Johnson and trained to harness and amplify his powers. Dante was selected as one of the potential candidates for the Secret Warriors Initiative team.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Geo-Ionikinesis: Inferno is capable of generating plasmoid flames from thin air, not requiring the consumption of oxygen or combustible objects to maintain the flames. He has been seen being able to increase temperature within his proximity which then allows Dante Pertuz to engulf his entire body into a flaming/molten rock form, fire concentrated plasma blasts from his hands and endure extreme heat and flame without being harmed. In addition, Pertuz's powers also give him the ability to manipulate volcano activity, generate lava, induce eruption, and to fly to a certain degree, as well as providing him with a limited form of Invulnerability and Pyroplasmic Regeneration which can heal bodily damage and regenerate any lost limbs.

  • Pyroplasmic Regeneration: Dante once had his arm chopped off during an excursion but his power reintegrated a whole new one for him.
  • Volcano Creation: When properly amped by Leer, Dante's geothermal abilities' application augmented, enabling him to cause volcanos to erupt out of the ground, spewing magma everywhere.
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