Helmut Gruler, better known as the Iron Cross, was one of HYDRA's finest soldiers during their hey day in World War II. He was originally thought to have been killed in a grueling battle with Captain America during the awakening of the first Sleeper from underneath Castle Zemo, but in reality, his broken body was found by several HYDRA troopers, who took him back to HYDRA HQ and placed him under cryogenic hibernation to recuperate from his wounds and hopefully awaken anew years from then when HYDRA would arise stronger than before.

Eventually, when the Red Skull returned to take control over HYDRA in the modern era, he commissioned for Helmut Gruler to be reactivated from his sleep and placed into a rebuilt and redesigned iteration of the Iron Cross armor powered by fuel cells gathered from the remnants of the Chitauri Scepter's Mind Stone cover to sustain his life and give him more firepower than before.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Iron Cross Armor The armor provides protection from physical and energy attacks and enhances his strength, endurance and durability. His armor has boot jets which allow him to fly and has its own air supply and is capable of limited space travel.