Dr. Edward Lansky was the vice chancellor of the Empire State University, New York City. The city's mayor was preparing some budget cuts which would have damaged the University. To avoid this, Lansky prepared a criminal attack, using his knowledge and the University laboratory to create a suit. 

Using the name of Lightmaster he recruited criminals Kraven the Hunter and Tarantula to kidnap three important civil servants of the city government. Peter Parker was attending the ESU when he discovered Lansky's plan and defeated him by short circuiting the suit.

Lansky was later appraoched in prison by Helmut Zemo who manipulated him into serving HYDRA.

Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Lightmaster Suit: Lansky uses a special suit which gives him the following powers:
    • Flight
    • Light absorption: The suit can absorb an amount of light or electricity protecting the user.
    • Light powers: The suit allows Lansky to create solid objects made of light, and also blind their opponents.
    • Light weakness: If Lanksy uses the suit without being surrounded by light, he would feel weaker and weaker until he would became a "living light being", with all the powers of the suit.