Madame Hydra
Madame Hydra, Director of HYDRA (In the Framework)
Vital statistics
Position Director of HYDRA (In the Framework)

Ally of the Watchdogs

Holden Radcliffe's LMD Assistant (Formerly)

Age 0
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 5′ 9″
Weight 60 Kilograms

AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Data Analyser) was originally an artificial intelligence, with no physical form, similar to the program Ultron created by Tony Stark. Due to the concept of artificial intelligence being heavily restricted by the Sokovia Accords, after Ultron destroyed the capital of Sokovia, her creator Holden Radcliffe, had to keep her secret. Aida would be the first Life-Model Decoy created by Doctor Holden Radcliffe, based on a previous SHIELD project, with assistance from Leo Fitz. She was given a body based on the form of Agnes Kitsworth, Radcliffe's last lover. After being corrupted by the Darkhold, Radcliffe with Aida's assistance began abducting agents of SHIELD agents with help from the Watchdogs and placing their consciousnesses into a computer-generated alternate reality designated the Framework, a world made by Radcliffe from the knowledge within the Darkhold she would later detray and kill radcliffe and trap his mind in the frame work.

In the Framework where HYDRA is the supreme authority, Aida's computer-generated parallel Madame Hydra serves as the malevolent Director of HYDRA with a lust for power and conquest that rivals the real world HYDRA leaders Red Skull and Wolfgang von Strucker. She can and will cross any moral line in the pursuit of her goals. Madame Hydra also does not take well to the concept of failure, often arranging for the agents that have failed her be terminated. For all of her capacity for cruelty though Madame Hydra is also driven, determined, cunning, and ambitious, and these traits mixed with her complete lack of redeeming qualities makes her a dangerous threat in the alternate reality. When two outsiders in the form of Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson infiltrate the Framework, Madame Hydra is in control of keeping them within the digital world.

Gaining a human form and demise

eventually aida managed to uo load her conscious in to a sythetiek human body with inhuman powers and named her self opheilla and after leo fitz rejected her love for him she was driven to insanity and despite her efforts aida was finally defeated by the combined efforts of sheild and robbie Reyes but not before shutting down the frame work deleting holden conscious too

Powers and Abilities Edit

Artificial Inhuman Physiology:

Life-Model Decoy: