Mockingbird mai

Bobbi Morse-Agent of SHIELD

Bobbi Morse designated the Mockingbird was an agent of SHIELD, prior to the organization's dissolution. She was once married to Lance Hunter, but their marriage ended badly with the two feeling bitter towards each other long after their divorce.

After the fall of SHIELD she became a agent of the "real" SHIELD and went undercover inside Phil Coulson's faction, assisting in the hunt for the Kree city, during which time she acted undercover within HYDRA and later got back together with Hunter. After the Battle at the Kree city, Bobbi assisted her director Robert Gonzales in bringing Coulson's faction under containment.

After one of her fellow agents nearly killed Daisy Johnson, Bobbi began to doubt whether the people she was working with were really trying to do the right thing. She was later glad that after the "Age of Ultron" Phil was made the official director of SHIELD and Robert Gonzales a member of his supporting council.

During the war against the Inhumans, Bobbi was captured by Grant Ward and Agent 33, who saw fit to torture Bobbi in order to get her to admit what she had done to Agent 33. Ward then set up a trap to kill Hunter to make Bobbi feel pain, so in order to save him she literally took a bullet for him. Then as a result of her injuries and traumatic experience, she underwent rehab for month's all the while getting through the pumps in her and Hunter's relationship that occurred during the SHIELD dispute.

Abilities Edit

  • Multilingual: Morse is fluent in Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese, though she stated that she has a tough time telling if someone is lying in Portuguese.
  • Martial Arts: Bobbi is a highly trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. She has been able to overpower Hydra agents with ease, Marcus Scarlotti's mercenaries, Agent 33, and even engage in combat with Grant Ward after being tortured. Morse has also been able to hold her own against Melinda May.
  • Spycraft: Bobbi Morse has shown herself to be exceptionally good at reading people, able to surmise Sunil Bakshi's past, and relationship to Daniel Whitehall, despite his only saying eight words to her. She has also been able to create effective covert identities, including acting as the a head of security for Hydra.