Moondragon 2


Kamaria Dogl'Lass is the daughter of Drax the Destroyer. Many years ago, Ronan the Accuser, under the orders of Thanos, attempted to kill Drax's family to prevent the Ganymedian from becoming a threat to his plans. Unknown to Drax, Kamaria survived the attempt and was found by Thanos's father Mentor, who took her to his home world, Titan, to be raised. While there, Kamaria studied the Titans' ways and gained her mental powers. However, she came under the influence of a powerful entity called The Dragon of the Moon; she believed she had resisted it, which filled her with pride, and she took the name Moondragon as a result.

She is the rare example of a Ganymedian who is born metaphorical, able to understand metaphors and double meanings and use them to her advantage in conversations, which made a of a bit precocious child in Ganymedian society, who were all literal in whatever they said and meant, including her mother and father. She also lacks the green skin and ceremonial tatoos that her father had, inheriting most of her physical traits from her late mother.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Psionics: Kamaria Dogl'Lass was one of the most powerful Ganymedian telepaths ever. Dogl'las has repeatedly demonstrated mental psionic energy usage far in advance of all previous users. All of Dogl'las' mental powers originate from her supreme level of mental discipline, hence her concentration and ability to focus on the accomplishment of that task. All of Douglas' mental process are largely maintained subconsciously as the power and its effects will continue if she is rendered unconscious or falls asleep as done when her control of an entire planet's populace. But she must always consciously initiate the process for it to be done. If Douglas is distracted or unable to focus her mind to accomplish an event, she can be rendered completely mentally powerless. Douglas' mental psionic powers include:
    • Telepathy: Dogl'las possesses the ability to contact sentient minds both organic and mechanical based, as well as cosmic beings such as Galactus. Her telepathic abilities include mind-control, mental attacks, mental shielding, personality alteration, memory erasure, memory modification. Douglas telepathic range is virtually limitless.
    • Telekinesis: Douglas's telekinetic range is low to moderate as she can only levitate herself and one or two others at the same time. Douglas can "push" her telekinetic ability on herself to attain flight or against another a single person as effective concussive blasts.