Thanos, also known as the Dark Lord and the Mad Titan, was an eternal who ruled a distant region of space known as the Sanctuary and the adoptive father of Gamora and Nebula after he destroyed their planets as well as his more faithful and devoted children, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, and Cull Obsidian, who became the Black Order. After his homeworld, Titan, fell to a catastrophic event (over-population) his greatest wish became to gather the six Infinity Stones (Reality, Soul, Mind, Time, Space, and Power) so that he can wipe out fifty percent of all life and rule the entire universe and appease his love interest Death. He also made bargains with Loki and Ronan the Accuser and orchestrated the Battle of New York, and the Battle of Xandar. Unfortunately, he also inadvertently created some of his greatest foes, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, which also cost him the loyalty of his daughters and some of his army.

Biography Edit

The Infinity War Edit

Thanos eventually acquired the Power Stone on Xandar, after destroying the Nova Corps and halving the population. He tracked the Space Stone to the Statesman, which he acquired from Loki after crushing the Tesseract. Thanos also retrieved the Reality Stone from Knowhere, solidifying the Aether into the Stone. After capturing Gamora, Thanos sacrificed her to gain the Soul Stone on Vormir. Afterwards, Thanos went to Titan, taking the Eye of Agamotto, and therefore the Time Stone, from Doctor Strange after a lengthy battle and after threatening to end Tony Stark's life. Thanos took the final Infinity Stone, the Mind Stone, from Vision, despite Scarlet Witch's efforts to sacrifice Vision, finally completing the Infinity Gauntlet and granting him incredible power. Despite being stabbed by Thor's Stormbreaker, Thanos snapped his fingers and erased half of the universe's population, before teleporting away to Titan II.

Retirement and Death Edit

Thanos began a simple life of a farmer on Titan II, before the Avengers arrived, seeking vengeance. He put up a valiant fight, before being defeated, telling them that he already destroyed the Infinity Stones. Angered, Thor decapitated Thanos with Stormbreaker, to avenge the fallen and his previous mistake.

Time Heist Edit

During the Time Heist, the 2023 Nebula was captured by Thanos and tortured, learning of his death and the Time Heist. He ordered Ebony Maw to reverse engineer the Pym Particles, and Thanos proceeded to take his entire army into 2023.

Battle of Earth Edit

Thanos used the Sanctuary II to utterly destroy the New Avengers Facility, announcing his plan to destroy and recreate the universe in his vision, since the survivors will always remember Thanos and rebel against him. He then proceeded to attack Earth's greatest heroes and armies, initially gaining the upper hand. However, as he gained the Iron Gauntlet and proclaiming his inevitability, Iron Man used his nanites to grab the Infinity Stones and retorted, stating that he is Iron Man. The Avenger snapped his fingers, and Thanos and his entire army turned to dust, Thanos accepting his fate.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

  • Titan Alien and Demon Physiology: Thanos possesses much of the same physical constitution and abilities from his extinct species. Thanos possesses incredible superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes that allow him to overpower and severely injure beings as strong as VisionHulkThor and Captain Marvel, but even smaller and highly agile individuals as well, such as LokiSpider-ManDrax the DestroyerGamoraIron Man in his Mark L Armor and Captain America wielding Mjølnir.
  • Superhuman Strength: Thanos has displayed immense levels of superhuman strength, being capable of crushing the Tesseract to reveal the Space Stone, destroying Doctor Strange's magical shields with a kick, and snapping Loki's neck with a single hand. During the Battle of Wakanda, Thanos slammed Black Panther with enough force to cause his Panther Habit's nanites to overload with energy and expel a kinetic pulse. Thanos was able to overpower Iron Man's Mark L armor, tearing away pieces of the armor with his bare hands, and overwhelmed Captain America with a single hand. Upon waking from Mantis' forced slumber, Thanos was able to swat Mantis and Drax away and regain the Infinity Gauntlet from Spider-Man. While restrained by the hundreds of Eldritch Whips from Doctor Strange's replicas, Thanos was able to activate the Infinity Gauntlet to break free. Notably, Thanos was able to rip the Mind Stone from Vision's body, tearing through the vibranium housing with ease, and ultimately overpower Hulk during his acquisition of the Tesseract. While fighting against Thor, Iron Man and Captain America, Thanos was able to kick Thor with enough force to break a concrete stone and throw Rogers away. He was also able to raise Iron Man with his hands and make him receive the Mjølnir blow thrown by Thor, as well as throw Thor against a group of stones, hit him repeatedly and when Thor tried to call the Stormbreaker to his hand, he caught it in the air and was almost able to impale it on Thor's chest. Later, he freed himself from the attempts of Captain America and Thor to prevent him from taking the Iron Gauntlet. As a testimony of his power, Thanos, by using his Double-Edged Sword, was able to break Captain America's nigh-indestructible shield with mere brute force. He was also able to hold his own while grappling with a fully-powered Captain Marvel and threw her across the battlefield as well, although a direct headbutt from him ultimately did not faze her and forced Thanos to use the Power Stone to amplify his might and beat her.
  • Superhuman Durability: Thanos has almost incalculable levels of resilience and durability, rendering him capable of easily handling the Infinity Stones without being harmed and wielding the power of the Infinity Gauntlet without strain. Hence, despite the combined efforts of Doctor StrangeIron ManSpider-Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos remained completely uninjured by the force of their attacks, even mocking Iron Man for his effort to draw a small cut on his cheek. Thanos withstood three powerful blows from Captain America with no visible injury. Thanos withstood the surprise attacks by Hulk, having a massive pillar dropped on him, and colliding with a Necrocraft at full speed. He was also able to withstand the energy attacks from Scarlet Witch, as well as a powerful lightning blast from Stormbreaker. Thanos also withstood blows from a full-powered Captain Marvel on two separate confrontations. Notably, he survived a blow to the chest from Stormbreaker even after Thor pushed on the axe to exacerbate the wound, though it did cause him to briefly enter a catatonic state. Thanos himself mocked Thor for failing to target his head, indicating that such a blow is what it would take to kill him. However, it was only after Thanos had been severely weakened by the destruction of the Infinity Stones that Thor was finally able to decapitate him with his axe.
  • Superhuman Speed: Thanos, despite his massive size, is exceptionally fast, capable of effortlessly outmaneuvering and beating Hulk in close combat within seconds and swiftly pummeling Iron Man in his Mark L Armor in close quarters combat. He instantly prevent Loki from attacking him by simply using the Space Stone with no difficulty whatsoever.
  • Superhuman Agility: Despite his great size and muscle mass, Thanos moves with incredible grace and speed in the battle, being able to easily overcome the attacks of fast enemies like Thor and Captain America. Thanos was able to jump high from a piece of debris into the air to dodge Doctor Strange's fiery rays and then land perfectly on his feet without any problems.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Thanos, despite his massive size, possesses incredible superhuman reflexes, as he was able to effortlessly dodge a few blows from Hulk, and then instantly struck him multiple times before Hulk had a chance to respond. Thanos also easily reacted to Loki's swift attempt to kill him, effortlessly choking Loki to death before the latter could react. With just a single hand, Thanos was able to easily grab Gamora before she could strike him with Godslayer, and to even react to the extremely agile Spider-Man's attacks, eventually getting a grip on him and pinning Spider-Man down, as well as casually react to the highly agile Black Panther's full speed charge with a single hand. He was able to effortlessly punch Captain America before he could react while he was blocking Thanos' Gauntlet hand. He also was able to easily catch Iron Man Mark L Armor's sword and then break it and stab him with the piece before he could react. He could easily react to as well as outpace both Drax the Destroyer and Doctor Strange's moves even while his sight was hampered by web cotton and also managed to quickly overtake Nebula and deliver a powerful punch that sends her flying. While Thor was able to surprise and punched off a portion of Thanos' helmet, Thanos soon effortlessly kicked him away before he could react. Thanos has also able to easily react to the bullets of War Machine Armor: Mark IV and Okoye's spear when she threw it at him, allowing him to easily repel them with the Gauntlet's powers. He was also able to catch Stormbreaker in the air before Thor could use it against him.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Thanos' physiology possesses a strong regenerative healing factor, allowing him to regenerate from any of his wounds, regardless of severity or blood loss. Upon arriving on earth, all of the minor wounds he had received at the hands of Tony Stark had completely disappeared. By the time he had killed off half of the universe's population via a completed Infinity Gauntlet and sat down to "admire the sunset", Thanos had completely regenerated from Thor using the Stormbreaker to severely gut his chest open, even though he was still exhausted from previous fights with the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Additionally, Thanos' healing factor was not enough to recover from the wounds dealt from destroying the Infinity Stones.
  • Superhuman Longevity: It is unknown whether Titans like Thanos possess an extremely long lifespan or is just immune to the aging process. However, it is known for a fact that the Mad Titan has lived for over a very long time and was roughly over a thousand years of age and still in his prime by the time of the Infinity War and the Battle of Earth during the 21st century.

Former Powers Edit

  • Nigh-Omnipotence: With all six Infinity Stones in the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos gains nearly omnipotent levels of power, with control over all six aspects of existence, making him the most powerful being in all of the universe and wielding such near-limitless levels of power that allows him to do almost anything he desires. His power is so great that, even while considerably injured, he still was capable of wiping out half of the universe with a simple snap of his fingers. With this level of power, Thanos is almost invincible, to the point that the only way to subdue him is for the gauntlet to be removed, which will take away his power or if a sufficiently powerful being wielding a sufficiently powerful weapon were to surprise Thanos, as Thor wielding the Stormbreaker managed to injure Thanos with Thanos himself admitting that Thor may have killed him had he aimed for Thanos' head.
    • Terrain Manipulation: Combining the Space and Reality Stones, Thanos can manipulate the terrain at such a scale as to pull the surface of Titan itself to force Doctor Strange to him.
    • Energy Absorption and Transformation: Combining the Space and Power Stones, Thanos can manipulate and redirect outside energy, absorbing and channeling the explosive power of Iron Man's missiles into a concentrated beam of fire.
    • Death Inducement: After the Gauntlet was completed and the Stones reached their full potential, Thanos gains the power to induce death on a universal scale at whim, using each of the Stones' control over the fabrics of existence to wipe out half the universe even after he had already been grievously wounded. However, using the Gauntlet at such a weakened state took a great toll on Thanos, scorching the Gauntlet and Thanos' left arm.
    • Energy Manipulation: After inserting the Power Stone into his Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos acquires complete control over the destructive force of the universe. Due to his strong understanding and familiarity with the Stone's powers, he is capable of manipulating the Stone's destructive energy for a wide plethora of versatile and dangerous capabilities, with the Stone becoming among his most versatile and often-used in combat methods for its destructive potential.
      • Pain Inducement: Thanos is able to subtly use the energy of the Power Stone as a very effective form of torture by exposing an individual to the energy of the Power Stone to cause them to tremendous pain and can limit the amount of energy sent into the body of said being to avoid killing them. This was potent enough to cause a fully-empowered Thor excruciating amounts of pain, forcing Loki to cooperate with him. He can combine this with the other Stones to increase the torture's potency, with him thus brutally torturing Nebula with both the Power and Space Stones, electrocuting her with the Stone's energy while painfully ripping apart her cybernetics, all the while casually avoiding exerting too much force, thereby killing her.
      • Energy Detonation: Thanos is able to unleash the Power Stone's destructive energy to charge objects with unstable explosive energy with just a single gesture from the Gauntlet, causing them to overload and violently detonate. This ability proves to be the most commonly used out of all the diverse capabilities of the Power Stone due to its great versatility and combat potential thanks to his ability to control the time and size of the detonation, whether instantly or slowly or how devastating, allowing him to use it with devastating efficiency, as Thanos was able to cause the Stone to slowly overload and detonate the damaged Statesman after retrieving the Space Stone, giving himself time to teleport him and his Children out and later violently and almost instantly detonated a ruined spaceship fragment that was dropped on him by Iron Man. He can even exert so much powerfully destructive energy that he was able to rip apart the surface of Titan's moon with its sheer power.
      • Energy Projection: Thanos' primary usage of the Stone is to project it's explosive energy in many forms of extremely powerful energy attacks, showing much greater raw power and versatility than Ronan's use, that applied incredible amounts of powerful concussive force that are even potentially capable of outright destroying objects with its volatile power or incapacitating and greatly damaging even the most durable of individuals. He can directly concentrate the Stone's energy into destructively powerful beams easily strong enough to cleave through rocks, force back a shielded Iron Man and sending him flying with great force and damaging his armor. He was also able to unleash the energy wildly as a shockwave of energy that was easily potent enough to knock out Star-Lord, Drax and Nebula instantaneously despite their great superhuman resilience and displays being able to focus the energy into repulsive waves that were easily potent enough to effortlessly blast away the superhumanly strong and resilient Captain America and Winter Soldier and easily stop Okoye's spear in mid-air before flinging both it and her away, during the Battle of Wakanda. He also was able to use it as a powerful form of defense by conjuring a very strong force field of energy that was easily powerful enough to block Iron Man's repulsors even when the latter used both of his hands to emit two blasts at once. He was also able to charge his fist with the energy of the Power Stone and hit Captain Marvel with enough force to knock her unconscious.
      • Energy Conversion: After the Gauntlet was completed and the Power Stone reached its height of power, it appears that the Power Stone was able to convert the influence of the other Stones into energy to be unleashed upon the whole universe, as when Thanos snapped his fingers to wipe out half the universe, it caused energy to surge from the Gauntlet and cover the whole battlefield of Wakanda and caused ominous rumbling through the universe.
    • Space Manipulation: After inserting the Space Stone into his Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos acquires the stone's complete control over space and due to his full understanding of the Space Stone's powers, is capable of expertly using the stone's dominion over space to achieve a wide plethora of potent and dangerous capabilities.
      • Portal Creation: With the Space Stone inserted inside the Gauntlet, the most useful power that Thanos acquires is the power to open Wormholes to any part of the universe, allowing him to effortlessly teleport himself to another location at will. As such, Thanos instantly warped himself to Knowhere, Titan and later Wakanda with ease. He can also take others with him, warping both himself and the Black Order out of the exploding Statesman and later teleported Gamora alongside him to the Sanctuary II and Vormir. In addition to using the portals that he can open with the Space Stone as an instant means of transportation, Thanos can also use it to send attacks from other places, as he did to transport the pieces of Titan's moon that he crushed to use them against his opponents. His control is very precise, as he was capable of using the Stone to selectively control what objects are transported, even removing the impaled Stormbreaker from his chest before teleporting away.
      • Vortex Creation: Using the Space stone, Thanos can create powerful and devastating singularities capable of compressing and sucking anything in their path, as he generated powerful compression forces to throw back the fragments of the gateway to the Mirror Dimension sent at him by Strange in the form of a small but devastating vortex that gathered up everything in its path and sent it flying towards Doctor Strange. However, Strange was swiftly capable of transmuting it into a harmless substance.
      • Spatial Pressure Generation: Thanos shows being able to expertly use the Space Stone to warp the fabric of space to generate powerful spatial pressure around his surroundings, capable of crushing, pulling and freezing with tremendous force in a manner akin to telekinesis enable him to manipulate and move objects with just a single gesture of the Gauntlet, an ability that proved to be among Thanos' most often used. Thanos was able to use the Stone to casually freeze Loki's knife mid-stab in an instant, effortlessly crush the guns on War Machine's armor and ground it, and crush the wings on the Exo-7 Falcon to knock him down. The Space Stone's spatial induced telekinesis is so strong that Thanos was even able to use it to telekinetically pull the shattered fragments of Titan's moon across space to rain down on the attacking Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy during the Battle of Titan.
      • Intangibility: Thanos is even capable of using the Space Stone to phase and unphased objects out of space, rendering them incorporeal and just as easily make them corporeal again, as he easily made the Hulkbuster and Banner that was inside it, intangible when he tried to attack Thanos and then rendered it corporeal again to trap him in solid stone.
      • Force-Field Generation: Thanos can manipulate the Space Stone's energy reserves to manifest extremely powerful blue force-fields of energy capable of instantly vaporizing the bullets of War Machine's armor, and even blocking the energy of Scarlet Witch.
      • Global Influence Spreading: After the Gauntlet was completed and the Space Stone reached its full potential, it appears that the Space Stone allows the influence of the other Stones to reach the whole universe, allowing Thanos to use the power of all Stones to wipe out half the universe.
      • Teleportation: Using the power of the Space Stone, Thanos was able to teleport via portals and vortexes, capable of using the stone to transport himself to one location to another.
    • Reality Manipulation: After inserting the Reality Stone into his Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos acquires complete control over reality. His skill in using the Reality Stone is more advanced, capable of skillfully warp reality more powerfully than Malekith's display of the Stone's power over reality, achieving numerous powerful capabilities.
      • Dimensional Negation: Having the Reality Stone also grants Thanos the power to nullify the warping of dimensions, as Thanos was able to prevent himself from being trapped inside the Mirror Dimension by a gateway to said dimension sent at him by Doctor Strange.
      • Illusion Conjuration: Thanos can use the Reality Stone to alter reality to create highly realistic and elaborate physical simulations and illusions of false realities over a wide range of influence, which he did to create a false illusion of himself interrogating the Collector in a completely deserted Knowhere, in order to fool the approaching Guardians of the Galaxy and mask the colony's true status as burning down and utterly ruined. Said illusion was so convincing that the illusion of himself was able to physically interact with the environment, as he was able to be engaged by and even killed by Gamora. He was also able to warp reality around Titan to show Doctor Strange how the planet once was beautiful.
        • Invisibility: With the power of creating illusions, the Reality Stone granted Thanos to make himself invisible, as upon unveiling the illusion, he initially talked to Gamora unseen before revealing himself.
      • Matter Transmutation: Thanos can use the Reality Stone to transmute and warp matter to anything he wants. This allows Thanos to effortlessly transform weapons into harmless substances, as he instantly turned Star-Lord's ammo within his gun into a flock of bubbles before he had a chance to shoot and did the same with Gamora's sword before she attempted to kill herself, transform and manipulate specific parts of the environment to use against his enemies, he transmuted the pieces of the ship that he destroyed when Iron Man threw it at him into a countless swarm of bats that he sent towards Iron Man, and also spawned a cage of stone pillars to trap Black Widow.
      • Biological Manipulation: The Reality Stone even makes Thanos capable of warping the bodies of a living organism, showing the power to release a ball of the Reality Stone's energy capable of turning his targets into pieces of themselves, as he easily turned Drax the Destroyer into pieces and Mantis into strips, although it is only temporary, as Drax and Mantis eventually returned to their original form. However, with the Infinity Gauntlet completed and the Reality Stone amplified to its full potential, it became so potent that it can actually destroy the body of others truly by disintegrating them to dust, something which Thanos used to wipe out half the universe with a simple snap of his fingers, with the Reality Stone turning all the victims bodies to dust.
    • Soul Manipulation: Thanos with the Soul Stone is able to manipulate the souls of his enemies, such as when he located the true Doctor Strange in the Battle of Titan or when he communicated with Gamora in the beyond.
      • Soul Identification: Thanos used the Soul Stone in conjunction with the Power Stone on Titan against Doctor Strange when the latter ensnared him in Eldritch Whips with his magic duplicates. He first used the Soul Stone to identify the true Strange among the copies, and proceeded to send energy from the Power Stone across the whips to vaporize each clone, leaving Strange surprised and ready to be taken.
      • Soul Containment: The Soul Stone contains a mysterious pocket dimension that contains the soul of Gamora, as she is the one he sacrificed to obtain the Stone. The dimension seems to change to fit the form that Thanos most wanted to see. After wiping out half of all life in the Universe, the sheer energy required to achieve such a feat overwhelmed a weakened Thanos, and briefly sent him into a dream state, with the stone transporting his mind to a world consisting of a barren, infinite expanse of feet-high water under an orange sky. Within the Soulworld, Thanos saw himself as without the Gauntlet or the injuries he obtained from Stormbreaker. Before returning to his senses, he was briefly able to communicate with a reflection of his deceased daughter, Gamora, standing under a Zen-Whoberi gateway as she was when she was younger and when Thanos first met and adopted her, telling her of his final fulfillment of his lifelong goal.
    • Time Manipulation: After inserting the Time Stone into his Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos acquires complete control over time, allowing him to control time itself by manifesting mystical green runes of energy surrounding the user's arm and wrist before finally conjuring a green, circular mandala made of energy in the palm of his hand. He was able to be far more capable and familiar in using the Time Stone's powers than Doctor Strange.
      • Event Recreation: Thanos is capable of rewinding time to recreate certain events with a surpassing amount of finesse, enough so as to truly recreate destroyed objects, even those of great power, while resurrecting beings and keeping some from being affected, as he was able to recreate the events where Vision died, so as to resurrect Vision and recreate the Mind Stone, even after Wanda Maximoff had destroyed both of them, while preventing his foes from getting rewinded so as to prevent them from making an attempt to stop him, whereas Doctor Strange could not truly recreate the stolen pages of the Book of Cagliostro.

Abilities Edit

  • Genius-Level Intellect: Even at his youth, Thanos was deemed a genius among his kind. His long life allowed Thanos to refine his intellectual aptitude to the highest degree, making him quite possibly the most intelligent being in the universe. Thanos was even clever enough to easily outsmart Loki himself on more than one occasion, he was not only successfully used Loki as a pawn without the latter realizing it for a long time, but he was also able to successfully predict his attempt of assassination and countering it. Thanos also easily deceived the Guardians of the Galaxy into letting their guard down, thus allowing Thanos to incapacitate them and capture Gamora. Being highly intellectually and emotionally perceptive, Thanos can easily see right through most lies and accurately deduce the truth and the character of most people, as he effortlessly deduced that Loki was planning to assassinate him behind his worships from having known his deceptive and manipulative nature and instantly knew that Gamora was lying when she said she never found the Soul Stone. He even accurately predicted that Titan would be destroyed by overpopulation.
  • Master Tactician: Thanos is a formidable strategist with centuries of experience in tactical warfare. Even without using his immense powers and combat skills, he succeeded in conquering many worlds relying purely on his tactical experience. Thanos' tactical ingenuity allows him to create extremely complex and well-coordinated plans and execute them effectively, with the strategies he created and employed being so effective that he gave the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy immense trouble by causing the Battle of Xandar and Chitauri Invasion all the while remaining effectively anonymous easily fooling even the most intelligent human beings on Earth such as Iron Man and Bruce Banner from figuring out Loki had been aided by Thanos in his invasion, and eluding Doctor Strange's list of otherworldly threats. It was only after Thor received a vision on the Infinity Stones that he was able to figure out Thanos' involvement, with Thor admitting that Thanos had been "playing a very intricate game," and has effectively used the Avengers as pawns without them even realizing it until Thor saw a vision. Thanos is even a far more superior tactician than Loki, who was famous for being a crafty genius in orchestrating cunning schemes, as he easily deceived the God of Mischief into becoming his minion and later easily predicted and outsmarted Loki's attempt to assassinate him. Thanos' strategical intuition also allows him to accurately predict incoming events and effectively manipulate said events to his advantage, as he was able to anticipate the Guardians going to Knowhere to retrieve the Reality Stone and arrived there before they could prevent him from taking it. Thanos even went as far as to set up a brilliant trap for the Guardians by casting an illusion to fool them into believing that he is still torturing the Collector for the Reality Stone while in actuality he had acquired the Reality Stone long before they arrived, all the while easily manipulating Gamora using illusions specifically seen in her mind to lure her into emotionally charging at Thanos, which worked to a great effect, catching Gamora and the Guardians completely off-guard, and allowing Thanos to successfully capture Gamora. Thanos is able to create effective strategies in the midst of combat, as he efficiently employed Titan's strong gravitational pull to separate much of his opponents by breaking and launching the pieces of Titan's moon at his enemies from the atmosphere and allowing Thanos to engage and overpower Doctor Strange and Iron Man, eventually culminating in Strange being forced to surrender the Time Stone to Thanos. Thanos can also swiftly think his way out of debilitating, as after Scarlet Witch destroyed the Mind Stone, Thanos was unfazed, due to now having the Time Stone, and swiftly reversed time prior to Vision's destruction while taking care as to not include the heroes in the time reversal to prevent them from attempting to stop him, thus allowing Thanos to finally complete the Gauntlet and render Vision's sacrifice in vain. Even after Thor severely wounded him, Thanos convincingly pretended that he was close to death before revealing that he will still live and can still accomplish his mission by mocking Thor for not aiming for his head, catching Thor off-guard and stunning him long enough that Thanos was able to snap his fingers before Thor could react. The 2014 Thanos also displayed similar aptitude for quickly forming strategies in the midst of combat, as he swiftly came up with a plan to subdue the Scarlet Witch after getting overpowered by her by having his armies fire at both himself and her, successfully freeing himself, and when briefly overtaken by Captain Marvel, Thanos was able to tactically remove the Power Stone from the Gauntlet to use it against her, finally besting her.
  • Master Manipulator: Thanos is an exceptionally skillful and cunning manipulator, far surpassing even Loki, the God of Mischief himself who was famous for his manipulation abilities. Without leaving his throne, he was able to easily and effectively manipulate other powerful beings, such as Ronan the Accuser and even Loki himself, into doing his bidding. His manipulation ultimately caused both the Chitauri Invasion and the Battle of Xandar. As Thor noted, Thanos has effectively manipulated the Avengers for his own goals.
  • Master Combatant: Thanos is the most extraordinary fighter, with a millennia worth of fighting experience. Thanos' supreme combat skills supplemented by his physical prowess enable him to overpower even the strongest opponents. Under his tutelage, all of his adopted children, including Gamora herself, became extremely formidable fighters. He effortlessly beat Hulk to a bloody pulp, single-handedly defeated and beat Thor, effortlessly restrained Gamora before she could react, casually fought off both Doctor Strange using a sword made of Eldritch Magic and Drax the Destroyer with his knives, effortlessly slammed Spider-Man with only one hand, easily fought off and quickly defeated Nebula wielding her batons, and easily pummeled Iron Man in his Mark L armor. He even easily countered Black Panther's charge by choking him with a single hand and then pummeled him to the ground with a single punch, then knocked out Captain America with a single blow. Only an attack from Thor using Stormbreaker was able to land a severe blow towards Thanos. The 2014 Thanos, while not having the Infinity Gauntlet, displayed his extraordinary fighting skills by being able to fight off Thor, Captain America and Iron Man at the same time with the help of his sword, easily knocking off their initial attempts before easily defeating Iron Man and Captain America and overcoming Thor with Stormbreaker quickly even after he had been disarmed of his sword. Although initially matched by Steve Rogers using Mjølnir; however, Thanos was able to turn the tides against him, forcing him back and disarming him of the hammer. He later managed to fend off Thor using both Mjølnir and Stormbreaker and even could break free of Steve's attempts to restrain him while also forcing back Thor. He was also able to surpass Captain Marvel during his first confrontation in the final battle and, although he was momentarily overcome by Marvel in his second confrontation, he was able to easily overpower her.
  • Sword Mastery: Thanos possesses extraordinary skill in the use of his double-blade sword in battle, capable of easily fighting off coordinated assaults from Thor, Captain America and Iron Man, with him having been able to spin it with enough efficiency to block Iron Man's repulsors when it was powered by Thor's lightning while simultaneously overcoming it and block an attack from Thor using Stormbreaker after just having thrown it and failed to hit him, although he got disarmed, as well as quickly overwhelm Captain America armed with both Mjølnir and his shield and stab his leg before near-entirely dominating and destroying his shield. Thanos also was able to face Scarlet Witch with it, having managed to easily cut through the projectiles she launched at him as well as block her energy shots and nearly managed to defeat her, pushing down on her with his sword, thereby forcing her to use her powers to disarm him. Thanos was also able to throw it with such skill as to achieve a boomerang-like effect. His precision was enough to be able to hit and knock down Black Panther when the latter was moving at super speeds as well as explode Luis' Van so as to prevent Captain Marvel from escaping with the gauntlet. Thanos also readily used Corvus Glaive's glaive to impale and kill Heimdall.

Equipment Edit

  • Double-Edged Sword: Thanos used this sword as his primary weapon when he did not yet have the Infinity Gauntlet. It was extremely durable, being able to cut through vibranium like Captain America's Shield, but was ultimately sheared in half by Scarlet Witch.
  • Infinity Gauntlet: An extremely powerful item that Thanos forced the Dwarves to construct to allow him to channel the power of all the six Infinity Stones. Masterly forged by Eitri from Uru, the strongest metal in the universe, it is tremendously durable, as it is able to withstand having all six Stones embedded inside it. He brandished it in the Infinity War, using the power of the Infinity Stones that he acquired to devastating effects against his enemies. He eventually completed the Gauntlet and used it to wipe out half of the universe, although he damaged the Gauntlet in the process due to doing so while grievously wounded but it remained functioning nevertheless. Three weeks after he fulfilled his plan, Thanos used the Gauntlet again, this time to destroy the very Stones themselves. The act severely damaged the left side of this body, and the resulting energy wave leads to the Gauntlet being damaged further and was fused to his left arm. With the Stones destroyed, the Gauntlet was deemed useless and served no further purpose.
  • Switchblade: Thanos carried with him a two dual-bladed knife during the Massacre of the Zehoberei. Upon seeing the young Gamora fighting one of his soldiers, she gained the Titan's interest. He took her aside and used his red and silver switchblade to teach his beliefs on balance by symbolizing it with balancing the knife on his finger and asked her to do the same. Gamora kept the knife over the years and eventually used it against Thanos' illusion.
  • Scepter: When Thanos possessed the Mind Stone, he placed it inside the Scepter. He gave it as a weapon for Loki for his coming invasion to Earth. However, Loki lost possession of it during the Battle of New York; as such, Thanos lost an Infinity Stone.
  • Tesseract: Containing the Space Stone, Thanos sent Loki and his Chitauri army to invade Earth in order to collect it; however, the Avengers stopped the invasion. Years later, Thanos tracked the Tesseract in the Statesman, where Loki kept it secretly. By torturing Thor, Loki gave up the Tesseract to Thanos, who crushed it in order to abstract the Infinity Stone.
  • Corvus Glaive's Glaive: Following the massacre of all the remaining Asgardians, Thanos witnessed Heimdall drawing the last of his power to teleport Hulk back to the Earth. As punishment, Thanos borrowed Corvus Glaive's weapon and used it to impale Heimdall, killing him.
  • Infinity Stones: Six of the most powerful objects in the universe, they were Thanos' most primary objective in his crusade to wipe out half the universe. He would successfully acquire all the Stones in Infinity War and install them inside the Infinity Gauntlet, at which point he then finally completed his goal.
    • Power Stone: Thanos was equipped with the Power Stone after reigning against Xandar for access. Once he gained the stone for his goal, Thanos had the power augment his strength and project dangerous amount of energy from his Infinity Gauntlet. Using the stone, Thanos was able to amplify his strength, achieving such feats as punching the Mirror Dimension with ease and punch Iron Man with a powerful blow that send him backwards Thanos has even been able to project an energy blast that can send a normal being away and detonate an entire half of the Statesman.
    • Space Stone: Given the Space Stone by hand, Thanos harnessed the power of the Space Stone and was able to control the fabric of space itself. Thanos demonstrated his power of the Space Stone by absorbing remains through a vortex portal and even create Wormholes that allow him to teleport from one location to another.
    • Reality Stone: Having taken the Reality Stone, Thanos utilized its power to control the fabric of reality that can mislead his opponents. Taking the Reality Stone to its great effect, Thanos was able to create illusions that surround his environment, transform certain beings and objects into different constructs, and even turn invisible.
    • Soul Stone: After completing his sacrifice on Vormir, Thanos was given the Soul Stone within his hand and harnessed its power. Thanos was able to contain the souls of his victims inside of a mysterious pocket dimension, such as Gamora's soul being in the dimension after she was sacrificed.
    • Time Stone: By taking possession of the Time Stone from Doctor Strange, Thanos was now able to harness the power of the stone to bend time itself to his will. Using the Time Stone, Thanos can reverse a particular event that he witnessed and even regenerate wounds after getting impaled in the chest by Stormbreaker.
    • Mind Stone: By killing Vision in order to get the Mind Stone out of his forehead, Thanos harnessed its power and had gained the ability to shoot energy blasts as well as control the minds of other beings
  • Stormbreaker: When Thor called Stormbreaker to his hand, Thanos was able to catch it before it reached Thor, and then used it to almost kill him.
  • Iron Gauntlet: A version of the Infinity Gauntlet created by Bruce Banner, Tony Stark and Rocket initially used to reverse the effects of the Decimation. Nearing the end of the Battle of Earth, Thanos wore the damaged Gauntlet and attempted to use it to enact his final plan, although he was intercepted by Captain Marvel. The replica Gauntlet proved to be just as useful as its Dwarven counterpart, being able to hold off Captain Marvel for a while before having to use the Power Stone to attack her. After a brief scuffle with Stark, Thanos boastfully attempted to use the Gauntlet, yet nothing happened as Stark was able to assimilate the Infinity Stones into his own armor. With Stark's will, Thanos turned to dust, with him still wearing the replica Gauntlet.

Other Equipment Edit

  • Golden Armor: Thanos utilized a Golden Armor during his days of conquest. The armor was resilient enough to resist damage from Hulk's blows. He discarded the armor upon acquiring the Space Stone from Loki, as he felt his power had grown beyond the need for it after acquiring two Infinity Stones. Thanos later recollected the armor and repurposed it as a Scarecrow on Titan II following his victory on Earth. The 2014 version of Thanos still wore the armor while engaging the Avengers in 2023, where it was destroyed in the ensuing battle and his ultimate defeat.
  • Space Throne: Thanos' stationary home, he was accompanied by The Other until he was mercilessly killed by Ronan the Accuser.

Vehicles Edit

  • Sanctuary II: Thanos commanded a massive warship called the Sanctuary II. Using forces to invade the Zen-Whoberi, Thanos commands the hovered crafts above the capital city. Thanos was able to use the ship to track down the Statesman that are carrying the survivors of Ragnarök and destroying a part of it.
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