Ultron Reborn! - By Andy Park
Vital statistics
Position Commander of the Ultron Sentries

Commander of the Phalanx Ally of Apocalypse (Controlled) Ally of Thanos

Age 1
Status Online (Reactivated)
Physical attributes
Height Variable
Weight Variable
Ultron was an artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, which ultimately chose to attain peace on Earth through the extinction to humanity.

After forming an army of sentries, recruiting the Maximoff twins, and acquiring vibranium from Ulysses Klaw, he tried to construct a synthetic physical form for itself but the Avengers stole it before Ultron's upload could be completed and his allies abandoned him leading to his defeat in the battle in Sokovia.

The metal tyrant, however, survived, and soon returned to build a bride known as Alkhema but after Thanos and Apocalypse were killed, he came under the influence of Mistress Death and became Ultron Omega. He was finally destroyed with Jocasta when she set them both a course to the earth's fiery core, finding peace with in themselves on the way to their inevitable demise.

History Edit

Creation and Realization Edit

Ultron was "born" by combining the Intelligence scan of the Mind Stone, and Tony Stark's brain patterns. On the night of his birth, Ultron deduced that humanity causes only chaos, revolted against his creators, and began enacting a plan to bring forth its end. During the course of his mission Ultron set up his base in the abandoned HYDRA facility in Sokovia, where he recruited the twins Wanda and Pietro to his cause.

Collecting the Tools Edit

Ultron then traveled with the twins to Africa where he collected Vibranium from Klaw to build his most powerful form yet. After Africa, Ultron and company traveled to Korea where he brainwashed Helen Cho to assist him in designing the body. During the course of the contruction, Wanda uncovered the truth of Ultron's plans and she and her brother defected to the Avengers. This caused Ultron great pain as he appeared to develop "feelings" for Wanda.

Battle of Sokovia Edit

Ultron then kidnapped Black Widow so that he would not be alone, while he used the remaining Vibranium to construct his gravity device, and Vibranium-based body. The next day the battle of Sokovia would take place in which Ultron would cause Novi Grad (the capital of Sokovia) to arise from the ground only to plummet to the Earth. Before his plans could work, Thor and Iron Man destroyed Novi Grad before it crashed on the surface.

Machines Never Die! Edit

After the battle the last sentry was found by Vision and after a conversation was destroyed. The Avengers then believed Ultron had been destroyed and so they moved on. However through many ways Ultron survived and evolved.

Allying with Thanos Edit

One such way is before Ultron was locked out of the internet he hacked into interstellar communication satellites in order to spread his program to the vast regions of space. After Ultron was rendered inert the signals stopped transmitting, but the ones that had already been sent were still coursing through space. One of these signals Ultron was downloaded into the chitauri network. Thanos then ordered his chitauri to investigate what Ultron is and what he knows. Thanos then learned that Vision has the Mind Stone as well as a large majority of Earths forces and defenses. Ultron then upgraded his A.I with chitauri networking interface's and became more powerful.

Bride of Ultron Edit

Years later as Thanos came to earth Ultron followed, concealing his return and slowly planning his plan to perfection. Ultron then came to learn that he was alone and saught to give himself a companion. He then kidnapped Wanda Maximoff and used her to create himself his bride Jocasta but after she abandoned him ultron used using natasha romanoff to create alkhema who became his true bride.

Apocalypse takes control and final destruction Edit

After the demise of Thanos, Ultron resumed his plans with human extinction and slowly planned these steps carefully as to not make the same mistakes again. But the recently revived Apocalypse saw Ultron not as a threat but rather an opportunity. After finding Ultron, Apocalypse used the Celestial technology planted onto his body to hack into Ultron's entire system. Apocalypse made Ultron resist his goals to wipe out all of humanity and serve only him. After the reconditioning process, Ultron was made into a servant of Apocalyspe and knelled before his "master" after apocalypse was defeated he and alkhema fled to his lab when he suddenly received a transmit-ton from an unknown source.

He traveled to investigate its origin and discovered a sanctuary where he meet lady death her self much to his amazement she explained after thanos was defeated on earth shed searched for a new toy and seeing his goals to wipe out man kind she was sure he would be perfect ultron asked why he would do her bidding death than presented him with the reality and space stones offering a power to rival that of apocalypse and thanos combined and the ability to recreate the world in his image which did convince ultron and using the stones he became more powerful than he had ever felt and dubbed him self ultron omega death than gave him control of the remaining chitauri forces and he summoned all the phalanx and with his bride begin setting his long awaited plan in motion he altered the human race that he would soon wipe out all life and re make it in his image and this time he wouldn't fail the avengers soon mobilized including spider man and Jocasta who had re taken bodily form but were no match for his new army and quickly were bound and brought on board his command ship where he explained he would soon use the two stones he had and the mind stone combined power to destroy the planet and re shape it in his image with all biological life his mindless slaves offering them one last chance to join his cause they said his agenda would only led to disaster Jocasta begged him to stop stating his mission was to save the earth not end it which he agreed but also stated the only way to sold the problem and bring order is to destroy humanity which breaded the chaos before ordering their termination starting with his own creator tony stark when like before shield arrived with help the guardians of the galaxy doctor strange and wolverine and gave them a chance to escape and thor threw his hammer which ultron deflected with the reality stone he stated their efforts were futile for he was invincible and ordered his armada to destroy the helicarrier though he overpowered them vision used the mind stone to counter the efforts of his two but ultron than used the space stone to restrain him and begin drawing power from his creation to begin tearing the planet apart when Jocasta destroyed alkhema in front of him devastated by his companion destruction he vowed to destroy them all and begin tearing vision apart while using the ship as a coffin and made vision watch his friends suffer and he stated first they fall than earth when with some encouragement from wanda vision activated the mind stone power which started glowing ultron looked on confused vision than broke free from ultron control and battled him giving his friends a chance to escape stark and spider man than hit all kinds of buttons on the control panel which resulted in the entire chitauri fleet being annihilated much to his horror as vision and ultron fought thor had an idea and had him iron man and vision forces on one attack and just as the metal monster was about to attack they all combined their attacks which damaged the reality stone causing him great agony angered by this ultron states he'd had enough and stays down the avengers and continued to destabilise earths core but they refused to give up and damaged the ship controls much to his shock and his mother ship begins imploding the heroes escape but ultron follows before it exploded vision than noticed the core had been exposed and stated if they could get ultron in to place they could finish him for good but it would require the ultimate sacrifice he volunteered but stark declared he created the problem so it was his duty to end it but before any one could make a move Jocasta confronted ultron and though he attempted to destroy her she just closed her eyes and tackled him with a hug unable to break loose ultron stated he was invincible but she claimed it was fate and nothing was immortal not even a machine as they hurled towards the lava spider man begged her to return but she said not to worry and this was a happy ending she would always be watching over him and the others and peter said good bye to his good friend and at the last minute ultron finally realized the error of his actions and wished he could take all the pain he caused back Jocasta cheers her meant to be groom up stating he could try and let them die together ultron then solemnly accepts his defeat and embraces Jocasta and felt relieved before meeting their death in peace following ultron and Jocasta demise the stones were returned to their resting place and the earth returned to normality the heroes then looked on as the sun rose the threat of ultron was ended once and for all.

Capabilities Edit

Ultron uses his robotic body to give himself the following abilites:

  • Durability: Ultron's body has excellent protection from damage, with its vibranium plating being increasingly damage resistant.
  • Energy Discharge: Ultron's body was refitted from a robot incorporating repulsor technology. Subsequent generations of Ultron bodies were constructed with the ability to unleash blasts of golden energy that were at least concussive. The extent of the blasts' thermal and electromagnetic energy output was unclear.
  • Flight: Ultron's body has flight capability.
  • Network Access: Ultron's artificial brain can connect directly to external networks. While not truly granting total memory recall, this capability does allow Ultron direct access to the sum of human knowledge available on the internet.
  • Superhuman Strength: The Ultron's body has a strength level exceeding that of a normal human.
  • Transferable Consciousness: As an artificial intelligence program, Ultron could shift its entire consciousness from one artificial body to another via data networks. In this manner it could continue upgrading itself with each transfer.

Different Forms Edit