Zzzax was a creation of HYDRA scientists attempting to harness gamma radiation within an electrical field produced in a duplicated Arc Reactor for use in creating gamma-mutated soldiers for their armies. Two of the scientists involved in the experiment, Doctors Cruler and Fump, decided to speed up the process of gamma collection by firing a bullet into the arc reactor, hoping that the added kinetic energy of the bullet in the reactor core would rapidly increase the amount of gamma radiation produced in the Arc Reactor. Instead, the reactor exploded, and the resulting build-up of energy incinerated both scientists, but merged their minds together because of the gamma radiation to produce a sentient creation made out of electricity and gamma energy. Mindless and feral at first, the creature was soon placed under heavy sedation by the HYDRA scientists, where it gained a thinking consciousness and named itself Zzzax after the crackling sound effect produced by its electrical body. Zzzax soon fell under the psychic control of the Leader, who used the creature as one of his guardians of his A.I.M. facilities.

escape and demise

after a few weeks how ever zzzax broke free of the leader control and used his facility to re charge and discovered he could now siphon life force energy and he begin draining leader and his body turned to blue and he soon enough escaped the facility and headed for vista verde home town of his old nemesis hulk when he got there he started draining electricity and life force alike which brought hulk running mad and the creatures fought but Zzzax had grown too powerful for even hulk to handle he soon began feeding off his gamma energy growing bigger as his life slowly faded but before he could fully drain him iron man arrived and attacked with repulsors set to his frequency hurting him abling hulk to smash him back hulk knew the only way to stop zzzax was to expose him to water so they teamed up and lured the creature to the river and hulk soon grabbed hold and tackled him to the ground weakening zzzax and he returned to his original colour and with a push hulk punched him in to the water and like a lightning bolt losing its charge zzzax slowly faded out of existence in a watery dust his death also returned the energy zzzax had taken including the leader who no sooner was put under arrest by agent coulson

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Electricity Physiology: Zzzax is a creature of pure electricity (or to be more precise a psionically charged electromagnetic field in humanoid form). It can generate electricity (usually in the form of lightning bolts), manipulate nearby electrical fields, and fly. Zzzax absorbs electricity from the human brain to survive; this usually kills its victims, and usually gives Zzzax temporary personality traits similar to those of the person it has absorbed. Only his foe the Hulk has proven immune to this ability. Although Zzzax is a being composed of energy, what passes as its corporeal form is able to lift matter as a normal humanoid body (as though it had hands, muscles, and a skeletal structure). Zzzax possesses the ability to lift in excess of 100 tons or more based on its level of energy it has absorbed at the time. Zzzax has nearly limitless stamina and durability due to the quasi-physical nature of its body. It is capable of hovering its body in the air, but it does not achieve a velocity any faster than that of an ordinary human of its size who was running or walking at the same speed on level ground. When the energy that composes Zzzax's quasi-physical body is dispersed or nullified it somehow always reforms itself. Zzzax is extremely difficult to restrain or damage.